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smaller hotels

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"A man who would go to a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined."
-Samuel Goldwyn
!!!, abandoned buildings, abstract expressionism, abstraction, anthem magazine, antique books, antique toys, arkitip, barnett newman, beachwood sparks, belle & sebastian, black eyes, books, brian eno, built to spill, califone, camera obscura, carole king, christa donner, cleaning, collage, color, commonwealth stacks, creation, crimson curse, dada, dali, deer hoof, design, destruction, devendra banhart, donovan, echo validated, ed ruscha, elefant, elephant 6, elephont, elf power, erase errata, eva hesse, evan hecox, faraquet, flaming lips, fluxus, four tet, fugazi, george macuinas, godspeed you! black emperor, guided by voices, gunther von hagens, gy!be, health, illness, international noise conspiracy, john vanderslice, john zorn, joseph beuys, kammerflimmer kollektief, kevin barnes, kurt vonnegut, ladybug transistor, les savy fav, liars, lightning bolt, making messes, margaret kilgallen, mark gonzales, mark rothko, matmos, michel gondry, minimalism, modest mouse, mogwai, mountain goats, mum, neurosis, neutral milk hotel, of montreal, olivia tremor control, olympia, p.t. anderson, pavement, photography, pil, pinback, poetry, polyphonic spree, promise ring, puppies, quasi, rachel's, rachels, razor blades, reconstruction, red red meat, refused, sarcasm, sex pistols, shellac, shins, silver scooter, skateboarding, sondre lerche, sonic youth, sound collage, spray paint, stenciling, stereolab, super 8, syd barrett, sylvia plath, takagi masakatsu, tetso inoue, the apples in stereo, the clientele, the essex green, the faint, the lilys, the locust, the magnetic fields, the make up, the microphones, the misfits, the mountain goats, the music tapes, the shins, the sunshine fix, the velvet underground, thomas campbell, tommy guererro, tortoise, trans am, travelling, ugly cassanova, unwound, van morrison, veganism, velvet underground, video, watercolors, weird war, wes anderson, wilco, wolfgang tillmans, yo la tengo, yume bitsu